Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You'll be swell; you'll be great!

Ken Davenport is a genius. Danny Goldstein has brilliant ideas for the direction of Godspell. Everyone investing in the show is fascinating, handsome and creative.

This is the kind of hyperbole that can overcome one after two glasses of wine in a private party room at Sardi's. (Wine and beer but no food. I approve. No need to spend our producer dollars on pricey appetizers and just enough alcohol to lubricate the smiles.) Ken drew us together tonight to hear from Danny about the progress of the show - our show, the one we have sunk actual dollars into.

Danny's vision for the show, which he directed at the Paper Mill Playhouse in 2006, sounds intimate, heartfelt. "In an age of giant spectacles, this show is a love letter to theater," said Danny. (Ever the reporter, I'm on the job, chief. I was taking notes on a Sardi's napkin.) Of course, given the sweet and earnest nature of Godspell, I'd be a little concerned if he said he was inserting roller coasters and planned to run the show outdoors all over Times Square. Although a Godspell in the summer, in Central Park ... hmm ... but I digress.

Danny's concept includes audience participation, use of the auditorium and he said "someone from the audience might get to play a parable." He also gave us a bit of news - Stephen Schwartz has written "a small bit" of new music for the show.

After his presentation, while we were chatting in a small group, Danny asked one of our number whom she thought should play Jesus. In my newly-minted role as a producer, I have already made a helpful artistic suggestion to Ken that Justin Bieber should be cast. A sure return on my $1k, I think, but Ken replied categorically that M. Bieber will not be playing the Son of God. I'll continue to think of lead possibilities.

Tomorrow: whom I met at Sardi's.  


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