Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Godspell is for real

In my first flight as a producer -- $1,000 sunk into Ken Davenport's Broadway production of Godspell -- I could perhaps be forgiven for feeling a bit of skepticism. Yes, I'm as hopeful and starry-eyed as any actor who spots a casting director across a crowded room, but given my usual pessimism about investing (although I have had a few winners), I wondered if Godspell would actually appear.

The marquee!

Well, it ain't no burning bush (the tree seems to be unscathed), but something infinitely better, theater-wise -- the Broadway marquee at Circle in the Square on 50th Street.

 Godspell is a reality with actual dates attached. Previews are scheduled to begin on Thursday, Oct. 13th and opening night is Monday, November 7th. Tickets go on sale Monday, July 11th.

Ziegfeld, Merrick, Hammerstein -- let me in to that august company. I'm booking the table at Sardi's now.

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